All African and African-derived spiritual practices stress the crucial importance of ancestor veneration and aligning with your personal purpose. At The African Magic School, our free novice-level courses can help you break into this ancient field of African occult healing science and develop your inner divinity as you progress in your studies.

The African Magic School's students have easy access to our online learning community and faculty that are initiated into multiple different PanAfrican religions lineages.


As a student enrolled in our school, you will explore areas such as but not limited to:

  • astrology
  • candle magic
  • chakra studies
  • conjure, hoodoo, and rootwork
  • crystals
  • divination
  • divine feminine studies
  • Haitian Vodou
  • Ifa and Orisa tradition
  • magical herbalism
  • spirit dolls
  • shadow work


If you're already working as a magician, babalawo, priest, witch, houngan, conjure queen, bruja, therapist, or other practicing holistic or healthcare professional, our programs can help you incorporate spirituality and natural healing into your practice. For students new to African spiritual practices and religions, this program equips you with authentic magical knowledge from African spiritual practitioners domestically and around the world. Our programs and certifications are ideal for students preparing for apprenticeships and advanced education in graduate studies programs.