Course Overview

This series of seminars teach how to create an ancestor altar, how to create a travel altar, and how to safely and effectively work with multiple different altars. This course will draw on knowledge from expert priests at Black Spectrum Network and The Voodoo Institute.

In This Course You Will

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  • understand the first steps to take when working with your ancestors and its benefits
  • learn how to create an ancestor altar and what offerings to leave your ancestors
  • hear how experienced priests, healers, and psychics work with their ancestors
  • learn clear approaches to developing an efficient travel altar
  • understand how to venerate your ancestors and connect to your roots and lineage

How Will This Course Help Me?

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  • You can create an ancestor altar for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients
  • You can teach others how to create an ancestor altar
  • This course is great for beginners who are just starting on their journey

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